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About the author

About the author

The content of this website has been created by Lars Olav Gjøra and translated into English. Lars Olav works as a teacher at “The Outreach Centre” Bible school in Trondheim, Norway. He is a theologian and philologist with a master’s degree in the NT and a master’s degree in the OT (hence nerd). In addition, he has attended the School of Biblical Studies with Youth With A Mission.  Lars Olav is becoming more and more fascinated by the Bible and how much that always remains to discover. A goal he has in life is to teach all 66 books of the Bible.

Hopefully, what he has posted here can help you to understand more of the Bible, inspire you to read and study it, and not least let it change you. He also hopes it can be of help in the preparation of sermons and devotions.

The round graphics for the books of the Bible that you find on this website were created by Jeffrey Kranz and can be downloaded for free from